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Gentiâne en Cévennes

Location d'ânes de randonnée et gîte d'étape

A typical visit

The day before:

Accueil Gîte d'étape

Reception at the guesthouse. Arrival the day before setting off, at 4 pm with a personal reception to enable you to relax and get to know the team. Visit the guesthouse. You can go over your itinerary with the team and the IGN map.

At 5 pm, introduction to walking with a donkey: how to lead the donkey, how to saddle it, feed it, care for it if required, duration: 1h30. You can take a short walk with the donkey. Gentiâne aperitif.   

apero gentiane Return to the guest house with the saddle packs that you have packed, ready for an early start in the morning. At 7.30 pm: aperitif time and a convivial moment where you can meet other fellow adventurers. At 8 pm: all together for a friendly meal on the terrace with delicious dishes made from local produce followed by a hands-in, but fun, washing-up session.  

After a relaxing pause on the terrace, time for bed and a good night's sleep until dawn of the big day:

On the day:

8 am: breakfast with hot drinks, fruit juices, cereals and local jams. From 8.30 am, you harness your donkey and load up the saddle packs which will have been weighed in order to distribute the weight balance. You are fully autonomous with the donkey but we accompany the preparation phase to ensure that everything will go smoothly during your walk. It is time for a final check of the map to ensure that you will reach the next stage safely. Departure between 9 and 10 am with freshly filled water bottles and picnics duly packed. Set off for a beautiful day amidst theheights of the Cévennes. IMG 5041 1
sur les cretes

After a morning spent getting to know the donkey, checking your path and reading the map, a well-earned picnic beckons with a stunning view over the valley.

Don't forget that there is still some walking to be done to get to the next guest house, so careful with the siesta!